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I edited the Collected Poems of Tom Wintringham, for he was a significant left-wing poet of the 20s and 30s, particularly of the Spanish Civil War. His poetry was published in many magazines, and his numerous books included The Coming World War, Mutiny, English Captain, The Politics of Victory, People's War and the best-selling Your M.P. This little volume is published by Smokestack Books.

'No one carried a greater charisma in those memorable days than Tom Wintringham. To my generation, his name re-creates a vision of beckoning symbols along the road to a New Jerusalem.' Geoffrey Goodman, Tribune

'This book should be in all libraries.' South

'Before one begins to wonder if the British Left’s traditional view of (the Spanish Civil War) – distilled at a distance in  Ken Loach’s gritty but ideological POUM-homage 'Land and Freedom' is simply specious romanticising, be reassured by the poetry of one of the more revolutionary and prominent British volunteers of the conflict, Tom Wintringham. Through his ‘Spanish Period’, one gets a first hand poetic take on the conflict, more valuable for being from the orthodox Communist perspective of an International Brigade leader.' The Recusant