Lloyd George


In 2005 Haus Books had the clever idea of commissioning short biographies of the 20 Prime Ministers of the 20th Century. I wrote about the ‘Welsh wizard’ David Lloyd George (1863-1945), whose long life in politics after he resigned as Prime Minister in 1922 is rarely told.

'This concise, lucid, highly readable volume is an excellent starting-point for readers unfamiliar with the course of Lloyd George’s life and career. From beginning to end   the text provides evidence of wide, thoughtful and up-to-date reading, and the conclusions which Purcell reaches as a result of his researches are generally judicious and penetrating. The volume is superbly paced, with a nice balance of political history and personal and family background, and the amount of fascinating detail apparently effortlessly packed into a relatively short tome is truly amazing.' J. Graham Jones, Journal of Liberal History